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Kids Mini-Facials

If you are looking to give your child and their best group of friends an outing they’ll never forget, contact Sophie's Skincare today. Book your birthday party today by calling (561) 797-1390.

Book a Kids Spa Day for the Birthday Kid and Friends

Is your child and all their friends at that age where they feel a little too old for Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but they’re not quite old enough for an unsupervised teenage party? Do they love feeling like royalty and hearing about your trips to the local nail salon and day spa?

If so, why not surprise them and their friends with a visit to the spa? And not just any spa, but one that is child-friendly, family-focused, and filled with fun?

If that sort of spa sounds like the right fit for your child and their friends, we invite you to contact us! From mini-facials that feature scrubs, rubs, cucumber and moisturizers to mani-pedis and hand massages, we have everything needed to make them feel truly pampered. Call us today to learn more!

Kid’s Spa: Let Us Take Care of the Party Planning

When your child’s special day is centered around a visit to Sophie's Skincare, you are free from fussing over party decorations, gift bags, snacks, and keeping the house clean. You won’t have to spend hours thinking of activities to make sure the children stay occupied all afternoon long, either. We take care of all the party planning. From the mini facials to the nail art sessions right to the make-up tutorials.

You’ll be able to sit back and supervise, join in, or do whatever you like. We guarantee less stress and more smiles.

Kid’s Mini-Facials Are Fun, Wholesome, and High-Class!

When your children are at our spa, they get the full treatment. They get professional facials, personal stylists, and all the nurturing a spa can provide! What could be better than that?

A Kid-Friendly Spa for the Whole Family

With us at the helm of the spa birthday party, yourself and the other parents will able to join in on the fun with your child and all their friends. Our activities might make kids feel a little more grown up for a moment, but they’ll be sure to make you feel like a kid again.

A Spa Party: Glitz, Glamor, and More!

An afternoon at our children’s spa doesn’t have the same ambiance and tranquility you might remember from your last spa visit. They are filled with laughter and an endless variety of activities.

You Set the Schedule for Your Kid’s Spa Party

Whether you are looking to simply book our spa for two hours or a whole afternoon, we can accommodate you. We know how stressful birthday planning is. We’re here to make it a little easier.

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Contact Our Kid-Friendly Spa Today!

Want to get a head-start on party planning? Book your child’s birthday with us by calling (561) 797-1390. We are standing by and waiting to make your party perfect in every way.

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